Mouth Guards

Wearing a protective mouth guard is one of the best methods of preventing issues such as tooth wear, oral injury and jaw problems. These devices are worn over the teeth, and they are custom-fit in order to ensure comfort and the best oral protection possible. The dental care experts at Lithia Springs recommend the use of custom-fit mouth guards for individuals who participate in contact sports, as well as those who have the problem of clenching and grinding their teeth while asleep.

Custom-fit mouth guards provide a higher level of comfort and protection when compared with store-purchased alternatives. Unlike typical over-the-counter mouth guards, our custom-fit protective devices are constructed using impressions of your own teeth. They are built using top-quality, lightweight materials, which results in a guard that does not interfere with your normal speaking or breathing.

Many athletes who participate in sports such as baseball, softball, basketball, wrestling, football, lacrosse, soccer and hockey wear custom-fit mouth guards as a way of protecting their teeth and jaws from impact and possible structural damage. Studies have also proven that mouth guards reduce the risk of concussions and lacerations of the tongue, cheeks and lips.

Night guards are a great treatment option for those suffering from bruxism, or the uncontrolled habit of grinding or clenching one’s teeth while asleep. If left untreated, this dangerous practice can result in excessive wear and tear on one’s teeth. Excessive grinding has been known to result in tooth sensitivity, jaw discomfort, headaches and tooth fractures. Luckily, these unpleasant symptoms can be prevented by wearing a custom-fit night guard while asleep.

To learn more about our custom-made dental mouth guards and their benefits for your oral health, please schedule a personal consultation with one of our oral care experts. You can call our office at (770) 824-8916 to arrange an appointment.

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